Single Phase UPSs

Shield T1, 1 - 20KVA, Tower UPS.

The Shield T1 range of UPSs is the perfect choice for smaller mission critical equipment and sensitive devices. The online double conversion systems gives you clean, continuous, pure sine wave output power.

Shield R1, 1 - 10KVA, Rackmount UPS.

The Shield R1 range of UPSs is the perfect solution for flexible rack or tower mount applications. Used in small to medium data centers worldwide, the Shield R1 UPSs are designed for longevity and easy deployment.

Shield AVR-LCD, 600 - 3000VA mini UPS.

The Shield AVR-LCD range of UPSs are a well engineered and reliable line-interactive UPS. Used globally, these UPSs require no maintenance and give out clean, voltage regulated power to protect your system.

3 Phase UPSs

Shield M10U, 10 - 60KVA, Modular, Hotswap UPS.

The Shield M10U provides you with a reliable, scalable, highly efficient UPS solution. Available in both rack mount and tower chassis, the M10U is the ideal option for critical power conditioning and backup solutions.

Shield M50X, 50 - 500KVA, Modular, Hotswap UPS.

The M50X packs 50KVA at 0.9 power factor in just 4U. The state of the art modular design ensures a very reliable UPS system with extremely quick service to avoid downtime.

Shield M25U, 25 - 200KVA, Modular, Hotswap UPS.

The new generation of Shield modular UPSs gives you 25KVA of unity power factor in 2U of space. This means more scalable real power in a smaller footprint hence giving you a lower total cost of ownership.

Shield T3, 15 - 40KVA, Tower UPS.

The Shield T3 series, is a free standing highly reliable and efficient 3 phase UPS system. Shield’s advanced engineering ensures that the unit runs with high efficiency saving you a good amount on OPEX.

Shield R3, 25KVA, Rackmount UPS.

The Shield R3 is a one of a kind UPS. A rack mount 3/3 or 3/1 phase 25KVA, unity power factor UPS in just 3U of rack space! It also has an option for adding an expandable, rack mount battery bank depending on the run time you need.

Shield T3, 60 - 500KVA, Modular UPS.

The Shield T3 series, is a free standing highly reliable and efficient 3 phase UPS system. Adopting our modular technology, these UPS systems are built for quick serviceability and longevity.

3:1 Phase UPSs

Shield T31, 10 - 20KVA, 3:1 Phase UPS.

The Shield T31 UPSs are specially designed for systems that require a three-phase input and an output of single-phase. With a high input and output power factor, it ensures great efficiency.

Inverters and Hybrid Inverters

Shield X1, Low Frequency, 1 - 12KW, Inverter-charger.

The Shield X1 range of inverter chargers is engineered with a built-in pure copper UI transformer to make it lasting and reliable. This inverter charger gives you a pure sine wave output and charges your batteries using our three stage charging to maximize the life of your batteries.

Shield X2, High Frequency, 2 - 5KVA, Inverter-charger.

The Shield X2 is a new generation of compact, highly reliable, transformerless inverter-charger systems. The easy to access LCD panel offers a range of inverter and power settings and readings you can parallel up to three units of the 4 and 5KVA X2 inverter-chargers for higher power requirements.

Shield XH2, Hybrid solar, 2 - 5KVA, Inverter-charger.

The Shield XH2 is an intelligent hybrid inverter-charger that can automatically put the renewable source of energy on priority to give you maximum energy savings. The XH2 gives a pure sine wave output for the best power quality and its internal battery charger ensures that your batteries last you longer.

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