Power Protection

All our UPSs are designed for the highest level of power protection apart from the AVR-LCD series, all our UPSs are designed with online-double conversion technology that gives you a continuous pure sine wave output that is ideal for all sensitive equipment. Our UPSs gets rid of all 9 types of power problems: power failure, power surge, power sag, under voltage, over voltage, line noise, frequency variations, harmonic distortion and switching transients.


Power Back Up

From standard UPS back up time to demand for extended back up time, we have solutions for all requirements. Single phase UPSs have an option of additional battery banks for longer run time and 3 phase UPSs can handle larger battery banks thank to our advanced charger module technology (in selected models).

The shield inverter-chargers come with reliable high-amp chargers for faster battery charging and longer runtime.


Small Foot Print

We understand that in todays tech spaces, we get limited room for systems implementation. At shield all our technology is based on the foundation of high efficiency and small footprints. While allocating room for your UPS, Shield systems is sure to consume the least space. We have solutions for both rack mounting and free standing (in single and three phase). Our R325U consumes only 4U for the 3:3 phase, online double conversion system with touch screen LCD features. Our M25U modular UPSs consume as little as 2U of space for 25KVA/KW! That is a small foot print.


Three Phase Input to Single Phase Output

In cases were a single phase output is required without any phase imbalance from a three phase input, we have a range of solutions. We have the T31 series of UPSs specially designed for this purpose. For our R325U (rack mount UPS) and M10U (10KVA modules of 10-60KVA UPS) we have a pluggable 3 phase to single phase converter as well.


Critical Redundancy

For critical systems that can not afford any downtime at all, we have in built redundancy solutions within most of our UPSs. Our 6 and 10KVA, R1, T1 single-phase UPSs are designed for easy parallel technology. In 3 phase we can parallel up to 8 units for redundancy or capacity. Our 3 phase modular systems have a range of chassis for every type of module. With this we can achieve internal modular redundancy hence keeping your load protected at all times.


On-site Analysis

All our UPSs come with LCD displays for power readings and analysis. Our single-phase systems have a simple, friendly user interface while our 3 phase systems have touch screen, full color LCDs for in-depth configurations, readings, graphs and analysis. Get access to critical information such as load readings, wave form output, temperature readings, module level readings and much more.



Modern day power requirements are always on the rise. We need to plan for the future. Shield systems are designed for that purpose. Shield can easily and cost effectively increase the capacity of the power system either by paralleling UPSs of by adding additional modules. Your 50KVA system can easily become can easily become a 100KVA or a 200KVA. You also have the option of adding similar UPSs with our parallel technology to double the capacity of the UPS. No need to buy new units for a larger requirement. Shield has easy expandability solutions.


Rack mounting solutions

In an area where you have limited space of you want your UPS to be in your rack space, Shield has solutions up to 150KVA/KW of rack mount UPSs. Starting from our R1 series, single phase UPS to our M25U 3 phase UPS, we can offer you a range on solutions. For standard and extended runtimes, we can offer your external added rack mount battery banks for our entire range of UPSs.


Alternative Energy

Shield has both single and three phase hybrid inverter-charger technologies. These easy to deploy systems come with internal solar chargers. With our technology you can connect your batteries, solar panels (or other alternative energy sources) and utility power to your loads. Depending on the settings, our systems can automatically select the alternative energy input as its primary output to the load. The system run on an efficient alternative energy priority algorithm which gives you maximum savings and a fast OPEX annually.


Consultation and System Design

Shield has trained technicians globally. You can reach out to us directly or via our distributors to get the right solution for your systems. Shield can give you a range of options for your power protection needs and give you a detailed report so that you can future proof your system. After system installation, we make sure that your assigned Shield technician also gives your critical training on how your system works.


Remote Management

Reduce service and repair time by installing our remote management cards. Network cards can be installed in all our UPSs and you can monitor your UPS globally. Important data such as quality of power, UPS health or working mode, temperature readings, module health, etc can help your monitor your critical systems. You can also set SNMP traps or email notifications for any alarms that you may want to set. Additional Temperature, humidity and battery sensors can be added for detailed analysis. Trouble shooting is made very easy with a detailed UPS and alarm log that can be sent to our service center for analysis at any time. We also have the option of GSM notifications for alert messages straight to your phone.


Solutions for All Industries

Shield has solutions for all industries. Starting from solutions such as PCs requiring line-interactive UPSs to UPSs for tier 4 data centers. For data -centers we have our range of rack mount and tower UPSs, easy serviceability can be obtained by opting for our true hot-swap modular UPSs. For industries such as the medical and biomedical machines or aviation equipment, we have modular solutions with small footprints. Applications where we have a long duration of power outages, we have shield UPSs with super chargers that can handle a larger battery bank. For industrial applications that require a rugged UPS, we have an option of transformer-based UPSs and energy absorbing units so that there is no feedback to the UPS from the load. No matter what your requirement is, our technical team has a solution for you. Contact us to explore your options.