High efficiency, pure sine wave output, transformerless, low noise inverter-charger

The Shield X2 is a new generation of compact, highly reliable, transformerless inverter-charger systems. The easy to access LCD panel offers a range of inverter and power settings and readings you can parallel up to three units of the 4 and 5KVA X2 inverter-chargers for higher power requirements.

The inverter charger’s high efficiency makes sure of a lower OPEX. Its low noise does not cause disturbance near installation areas and its compact wall-mount size ensures installation in places with less space.

  • Rated power of 2KVA to 5KVA
  • Pure sine wave output, ideal for all equipment.
  • Smart LCD setting(Working modes, Charge Current, Charge Voltage, etc.)
  • Parallel operation with up to 3 units (Available for 4KVA/5KVA only).
  • Multiple operations: basic Grid-tie, (for 4KVA/5KVA model) Off-Grid, Grid-Interactive.
  • Automatic signal for starting generator.
  • WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional).
  • Supports RS485 communication. Can be used for remote monitoring.
  • Quiet operation, less noise around installation area.
  • LED and LCD readings for diagnosis and reporting.

LED & LCD displays