Unity power factor, true hotswap, premium modular technology.

The Shield M10U provides you with a reliable, scalable, highly efficient UPS solution. Available in both rack mount and tower chassis, the M10U is the ideal option for critical power conditioning and backup solutions.

Consuming as little as 2U of space per 10KVA/10KW power module, this unitary power factor UPS delivers clean power to keep your systems running uninterupted. The 7” full color touch LCD along with remote monitoring features gives you full control over your UPS. This UPS comes in various chassis options of 20, 40 and 60KVA.

  • Unity power factor gives you more real power. The UPSs high energy efficiency reduces both power and cooling needs hence offering a lower operating expenditure.
  • 10KVA/10KW in 2U gives you more power in less density resulting in an unprecedented low footprint.
  • The M10U flexible configurations allows for 3:3, 3:1and 1:1 phase in:out without derating.
  • True hot-swap modular design enables replacement on power modules in less than a minute with no downtime.
  • Each power module has its own status LED which helps in quicker trouble shooting.
  • 7” touch, color LCD provides a good user interface for control and analysis.
  • The intelligent sleep function can allow automatic shutdown and shuffle of power modules to increase efficiency further.
  • The rack modular design allows for easy installation in a standard 19” rack.
  • Along with the UPSs smart charging capability to increase the life of your batteries, an extra charger module can also be added in case of larger run-times.
  • Shield network monitoring system enables the UPS to be monitored remotely. Various alerts and traps can be set on a range of events.
  • Shield ensures in-depth technician training globally which increases service response and reduces downtime for your critical systems.
  • Plan for both internal and N+1 redundancy. The UPS can easily be integrated with another unit to provide N+1-4 redundancy.

7" Full color touch screen

Modular technology

Parallel up to 4 units for capacity or redundancy.

Hotswap technology

Optional network card for remote management.