Unparalleled technology

When it comes to power protection and back up technology, Shield has the best available systems. With countless hours into the R&D of our products, we make sure that you get future proof technology. Our systems are designed with a high efficiency output and we make sure to completely minimize system failure points. Along with the smaller footprints, our systems are designed for future expandability hence saving your costs on separate systems. Shield also has excellent remote monitoring and management technology so that you can keep track of your systems at all times.

We understand that your systems have to be very critical for you to invest in a reliable power back up solution, and due to the confidence we have in our products, we offer you an ardent normal and extended warranty.

Unparalleled service

Shield makes sure that your systems are implemented in the right way. Apart from the quality of our systems we prioritize technical training for all our distributors and solution providers. With this, you get better installation, quicker service and more system longevity. Shield also has a central technical team that you can contact and reach out to at any point.


Featured Products

Shield M10U, 10 - 60KVA, Modular, Hot-swap UPSThe Shield M10U provides you with a reliable, scalable, highly efficient UPS solution. Available in both rack mount and tower chassis, the M10U is the ideal option for critical power conditioning and backup solutions.

Shield R3, 25KVA, Rackmount UPS

The Shield R3 is a one of a kind UPS. A rack mount 3/3 or 3/1 phase 25KVA, unity power factor UPS in just 3U of rack space! It also has an option for adding an expandable, rack mount battery bank depending on the run time you need.

Shield XH2, Hybrid solar, 2 - 5KVA, Inverter-chargerThe Shield XH2 is an intelligent hybrid inverter-charger that can automatically put the renewable source of energy on priority to give you maximum energy savings. The XH2 gives a pure sine wave output for the best power quality and its internal battery charger ensures that your batteries last you longer.

Featured Solutions

Small Foot Print

We understand that in todays tech spaces, we get limited room for systems implementation. At shield all our technology is based on the foundation of high efficiency and small footprints. While allocating room for your UPS, Shield systems is sure to consume the least space. We have solutions for both rack mounting and free standing (in single and three phase). Our R325U consumes only 4U for the 3:3 phase, online double conversion system with touch screen LCD features. Our M25U modular UPSs consume as little as 2U of space for 25KVA/KW! That is a small foot print.


Critical Redundancy

For critical systems that can not afford any downtime at all, we have in built redundancy solutions within most of our UPSs. Our 6 and 10KVA, R1, T1 single-phase UPSs are designed for easy parallel technology. In 3 phase we can parallel up to 8 units for redundancy or capacity. Our 3 phase modular systems have a range of chassis for every type of module. With this we can achieve internal modular redundancy hence keeping your load protected at all times.


Solutions for All Industries

Shield has solutions for all industries. Starting from solutions such as PCs requiring line-interactive UPSs to UPSs for tier 4 data centers. For data -centers we have our range of rack mount and tower UPSs, easy serviceability can be obtained by opting for our true hot-swap modular UPSs. For industries such as the medical and biomedical machines or aviation equipment, we have modular solutions with small footprints. Applications where we have a long duration of power outages, we have shield UPSs with super chargers that can handle a larger battery bank. For industrial applications that require a rugged UPS, we have an option of transformer-based UPSs and energy absorbing units so that there is no feedback to the UPS from the load. No matter what your requirement is, our technical team has a solution for you. Contact us to explore your options.


Need technical assistance?

Do you require technical assistance for any of our products? Our technical team know our systems inside out, we can help you out or get you in touch with our partner service center closest to you.