High efficiency, rack mount/tower UPS

The Shield R1 range of UPSs is the perfect solution for flexible rack or tower mount applications. Used in small to medium data centers worldwide, the Shield R1 UPSs are designed for longevity and easy deployment.

With the option of adding up to 8 external battery banks, the Shield R1 takes care of needs for both short and longer run times. The 6 and 10KVA UPSs are engineered to give out a unity power factor hence supporting more load per KVA. The Shield R1 UPSs come with intelligent charge management hence improving battery life.

  • 1-3KVA UPSs are engineered with 0.9 output power factor and 6-10KVA UPSs with unity output power factor, hence giving you more real power.
  • Add up to 8 external battery banks for longer run times.
  • LED and LCD displays on the R1 UPSs for monitoring status of the UPS and quality or usage of power.
  • C13 and C19 output ports available on all UPSs, hard wired output available for 6-10KVA UPSs.
  • Optional network card allows for remote monitoring and access to full UPS diagnosis and settings.
  • Flexible configuration - set it up as a rack mounts UPS or use it as a tower UPS with provided mounting.
  • Full Protection of overvoltage, short circuit and over temperature.
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment.
  • Easy parallel the 6,10KVA R1 for redundancy or twice the capacity.

LED & LCD displays

Gets rid of all 9 types for bad power quality.

Easy parallel for 6 and 10KVA units for redundancy or capacity.

Optional network card for remote management.