Unity power factor, rack mount/tower, 3:3 Phase UPS

The Shield R3 is a one of a kind UPS. A rack mount 3/3 or 3/1 phase 25KVA, unity power factor UPS in just 3U of rack space! It also has an option for adding an expandable, rack mount battery bank depending on the run time you need.

With an incredibly small footprint, the highly efficient Shield R3 UPS comes with a unity power factor that gives you more real power per KVA. Equipped with a full color LCD touch screen, you can view all UPS statistic and manage your UPS better.

  • Unity power factor gives you more real power per UPS.
  • Parallel 2 UPSs for capacity (50KVA) or redundancy.
  • Flexible output configuration allows for 3 phase or single phase output.
  • It can be used as a rack mount or a tower UPS (tower stands provided).
  • The intelligent charging control system makes sure of a longer battery life.
  • Advanced engineering guarantees high efficiency operating in double conversion mode, saving you OPEX.
  • The R3 range are engineered to have a small footprint hence saving you space and tedious planning.
  • Shield network monitoring system enables the UPS to be monitored remotely. Various alerts and traps can be set on a range of events.
  • Shield ensures in-depth technician training globally which increases service response and reduces downtime for your critical systems.
  • Supports battery cold start function.
  • The 5.5” touch LCD has a friendly user interface to access all UPS statistics and settings.

Unity power factor

5.5" Full color touch screen

Parallel up to 2 units for capacity or redundancy.

Optional network card for remote management.