Commissioning and Start-up

Through our own tech team and partners, we provide installation and start up services for all Shield UPSs and equipment. Making sure that your UPS has been commissioned properly by a trained technician will make you under stand your system better and give it a longer life. Shield technicians will show your how your complete system works and how to use the local and remote interface. A detailed report of installation will be submitted on completion of installation and your warranty will automatically be activated at our service center hub.


Preventative Maintenance

For your systems to be working smoothly for years to come, Shield offers a range of preventative maintenance services, both comprehensive and non-comprehensive. Shield technicians have a detailed service procedure to make sure that your systems are as good as new. Although our systems are built for low maintenance, sometimes unavoidable factors such as dust, humidity, pests, system tampering, etc. can jeopardize your system. We make sure that your system is kept away from any harm and that your ground staff are always educated on how the system works. After all, clean power is the heart beat of your systems.


System Design

Our services extend to system design. Being experts in the power protection and back up field, we know the right solution for your systems. Whether it is a simple UPS implementation, critical redundant solution, extended back up time and industry specific application, we can give you various options to chose from. We understand how critical your systems are to invest in a premium solution. Our technicians give you a complete set-up and implementation plan.


Power Analysis

Inefficient power systems can cost you a lot annually. Several reasons can hike up your electricity bills every year; inefficient power back up systems, low power factor systems, incorrect cabling and electrical accessories, unnecessary power consuming equipment and much more. Our tech can analyze power quality and consumption to give you the correct recommendations to trim down your annual bills. Our automated output and eco mode UPSs play a big part with power usage efficiency.


Spare Parts Management

Your critical systems need quick service. Our solutions come with great warranty terms. Two years straight replacement for UPSs of 6KVA and below, two years parts replacement for single phase UPSs above 6KVA and three-year warranty for all our three phase UPSs. When systems go down, getting parts or replacements quick is critical. We make sure all our partners have sufficient parts for their installations and we ship out parts with our global courier partners the very next day of warranty approval.


Remote management

Apart from your local remote management, you can have the shield technical team monitor your UPS from our central hub. Shield technicians can be quicker to diagnose offline systems and send a local technician to you asap. Your can also opt to subscribe to updates from our technical team for your system. Receive updates on events that have occurred to your ups, firmware update authorization (if applicable), details power analysis, system upgrades and more.


Systems Training

For all our distributors, system integrators, sales representatives and technicians, Shield has a comprehensive training structure. For us to implement our systems effectively, we think that it is imperative for system sales and implementors to know our systems well. Shield systems are manufactured with leading technology and it is important for end users to know the value of their investment. Technicians receive a more in-depth training which involves installation protocol, service and trouble shooting. Only certified Shield technicians can perform selected systems installations. Certifications must be renewed annually.